Why Quant

State-of-the-art solution for efficient data management

Quant is the solution for the energy company of the future. Based on scalable, cloud-based services, combined with analytics tools for the operation of communication networks and power grids, Quant provides an effective solution for the modern digital energy company. Quant offers secure management and processing of data for a large number of digital metering devices and combines this with complete Elhub integration. The digital future is secure with Quant!

About Rejlers Embriq

Driven by climate challenges and technological innovation, the energy sector is facing a paradigm shift in which digitalization is key. The power grid of the future will be characterised by new and renewable sources of energy, local production and significantly modified usage patterns. This will require a different way of managing large volumes of data, real-time data and status information – while requirements for operations and quality of delivery will become more stringent. The same trend can be seen in other sectors that rely heavily on infrastructure.

Digitalization provides enhanced utilisation of resources. It is all about converting this for the benefit of customers, society as a whole and the environment. Simply put, it is all about – your digital future!

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Embriq launches Quant Insight!

Rejlers Embriq launches the latest addition to its Quant Smart Grid platform at the Norwegian Smart Grid Conference in Trondheim today: Quant Insight! Never has getting started with proactive operations and analysis of the grid...

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How to make the meter great again

It has been more than ten years since Swedish utility companies changed their analogue meters to smart meters. With a cost of up to SEK 3,000 per meter, including meter installation, it might have been...

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Nettalliansen's AMS project is half way to completion and on track to meet installation targets

In July 2015, Rejlers Embriq signed an agreement with Nettalliansen for the introduction and operation of new smart meters (AMS) for more than 180,000 households across Norway. The installation of meters is on track and...

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