Embriq launches Quant Insight!

Rejlers Embriq launches the latest addition to its Quant Smart Grid platform at the Norwegian Smart Grid Conference in Trondheim today: Quant Insight! Never has getting started with proactive operations and analysis of the grid based on data from Smart Metering been easier. Quant Insight generates value from all the new data that are now available to the utility companies.


Quant is a market leader in the Nordics

“Quant occupies a significant market position in Scandinavia and counts companies like Hafslund, Agder, Lyse, Troms Kraft, Nettalliansen and Jamtkraft among its customers. Meter data from approx. 1.7 million metering points are processed by the platform and the Quant Flow integration solution currently processes approx. 4 million notifications every week. Volumes are rapidly growing and when the Nordic data hubs come into service, growth will only accelerate further,” says Director of Software Espen Kåsin from Rejlers Embriq.

“Our aim with Quant has always been to offer the most flexible and cost-effective Smart Grid services platform in the marketplace. It offers flexibility for the utility companies in their roll-out of Smart Metering, but also on future projects involving the generation of operational value on the basis of all the new data that are now becoming available,” says Kåsin.

Quant Insight: proactive operations and analysis

“Quant Insight represents a portfolio of services that provide entirely new opportunities in proactive operations and the analysis of the distribution network,” says Director of Products Jens Haug from Rejlers Embriq.

“This includes modules for ground fault analysis, outcome reporting, capacity calculations, voltage quality. For example, Insight Storm can display the impact of weather conditions on the distribution network. The services have already been tested live with customers and have been extremely well received,” explains Haug.

“This is a whole new world for the utility companies and we are very sure that many of them will find these tools extremely useful. They offer advanced analytical methods (machine learning, for example) and smart user processes. Quant Insight includes services that can be deployed by all utility companies, irrespective of whether they have previously used Quant: we are simply able to integrate it with other key systems,” says Haug.

The value is in the data!

“We are now well on the way to realizing what has been a hot topic in the industry for many years: how to generate added value from the Smart Metering data – apart from anything to do with statutory requirements,” says CEO of Rejlers Embriq Thomas Pettersen.

“Many internal workflows in the utility companies are changing as a result of the availability of new data. This generates entirely new operational opportunities, and many are unsure of how to approach this change process. But Quant Insight makes it easy to get started,” says Pettersen.

Espen Kåsin in his office

About Rejlers Embriq AS

Rejlers Embriq AS forms part of Rejlers and is a Nordic IT provider with approx. 120 employees and an annual turnover of approx. NOK 360 million in 2018. Clients are mainly located in Norway and Sweden where Rejlers Embriq contributes to generating commercial value through digitization of physical infrastructure, smart choices and strategic use of IT. In Norway, Rejlers Embriq shares its organization with Rejlers Engineering and forms part of parent company Rejlers which is one of the largest consultancies in the Nordic countries. The company has approx. 2,000 employees and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

Rejlers Embriq occupies a strong market position in the energy industry and counts Hafslund, Agder Energi, Lyse, Nettalliansen, Jamtkraft and Troms Kraft among its clients. The Quant Smart Grid services platform is one of Rejlers Embriq’s main product offerings in combination with a wide spectrum of IT and project services. We also occupy a strong position in the retail sector and the market for critical operation of complex systems with clients such as Elkjøp, Gresvig, Voice, Brilleland, Interoptik, One Call, Fred Olsen, Dolphin Drilling, Norwegian Church Aid, Retriever and Infotjenester.

For further information, please contact:

Thomas Pettersen, CEO, thomas.pettersen@rejlers.no / +47 950 22 323

Espen Kåsin, Director of Software, espen.kasin@rejlers.no / +47 415 35 950

Jens Haug, Director of Products, jens.haug@rejlers.no / +47 913 61 495