Embriq has Quant project approved by Tromskraft!

Troms Kraft Nett has approved the supply of the Quant smart grid platform for handling data from more than 70,000 smart meters. The project also includes the Quant Flow integration platform and has been made available in its entirety as a service.

Norway city panorama - Tromso at sunset

Central grid company

“Troms Kraft Nett is the largest grid company north of NTE in Trøndelag. It plays a central role in northern Norway and is a very exciting customer for Rejlers Embriq,” says Bård Myrstad, project manager at Rejlers Embriq. Myrstad also explains that Quant will handle data collection and data validation from more than 70,000 smart meters that Troms Kraft Nett is rolling out with all its customers.

“We are very happy about the important role we have had in this project and the great responsibility for integration,” says Jens Haug, product manager at Rejlers Embriq, who makes clear that integration is about more than technology. Understanding all processes and communication with all operators involved has been an important part of the project,” says Haug and emphasises that this is a very cost-effective solution for Troms Kraft.

Future-proof service provision

“During Troms Kraft Nett’s tender, we found many potential providers of AMS systems for operational support. After a thorough assessment, the choice fell on Embriq as the supplier of an AMS system and associated services. In addition to the Quant system, Troms Kraft Nett also chose to use Quant Flow as its integration platform to solve the need for integration during the introduction of AMS, subsequent operation and message exchange with Elhub. Troms Kraft Nett has chosen to outsource the operation of these systems to Embriq through services supplied on the Quant smart grid platform,” says Sigvald Åsheim, AMS project manager at Troms Kraft Nett.

Extensive IT adaptations and integration

“The roll-out of smart meters means extensive IT adaptation and we realised early on that integration would become the greatest challenge in our project. As with all IT projects where several systems and suppliers are involved, we have also had some challenges during this project. Embriq as a platform supplier has been very accommodating and solution-orientated throughout the process and we were able to approve the agreed delivery without delay. Now we have finally turned our attention to utility through efficient use of the implemented solution in future,” concludes Sigvald Åsheim.

Intelligent and advanced use of data

“Digitisation and handling enormous data volumes are important core issues for us going forward,” says Erling Dalberg, CEO of Troms Kraft Nett.

“It is important to us that we invest in technology which is scalable in order to meet the challenges of the future and we believe that this is what we are doing with a market leader and well-established system such as Quant,” says Dalberg.

“We believe that it is very important that we have a future-proof turnkey support tool in place and we believe that this service works extremely well for that purpose. Now we are looking forward to developing further intelligent and advanced use of data for grid-specific purposes,” concludes Dalberg.

Market leader

“We are extremely pleased that Troms Kraft Nett have also chosen the Quant SmartGrid platform and that we have completed the project to the agreed deadline,” says Director of Software at Embriq Espen Kåsin.

The contract basically applies to approx. 70,000 metering points that Troms Kraft Nett currently operates, but both parties expect growth beyond this number. Kåsin emphasises that the contract also includes the Quant Flow integration platform: “With this contract, we are consolidating our position as a clear market leader with the Quant SmartGrid platform which is now being used by customers such as Agder, Hafslund, Nettalliansen and Lyse as well as Troms Kraft,” concludes Kåsin.

About Troms Kraft Nett

Troms Kraft Nett AS forms part of the Troms Kraft group and is one of Norway’s largest grid companies. The company develops, monitors and maintains a grid of a total of 10,000 kilometres. Within its concession area, Troms Kraft Nett AS has approx. 70,000 meters distributed over 15 of 24 municipalities in the county of Troms.

About Rejlers Embriq

Rejlers Embriq forms part of the Rejlers group and is a business area employing 160 people with an annual turnover of almost NOK 400 million. Rejlers Embriq contributes value through its digitisation of physical infrastructure, smart choices and strategic use of IT. Rejlers Embriq designs, develops and manages IT solutions and focuses particularly on Scandinavia through its presence in Oslo, Halden, Drammen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Motala. The Rejlers group is one of Scandinavia’s largest technology companies and has approximately 2,100 experts who work on projects in the fields of telecommunications, traffic, electricity and energy. The group is currently represented in more than 80 locations in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In 2015, Rejlers turned over SEK 1.9 billion and its B shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.