Nettalliansen’s AMS project is half way to completion and on track to meet installation targets

In July 2015, Rejlers Embriq signed an agreement with Nettalliansen for the introduction and operation of new smart meters (AMS) for more than 180,000 households across Norway. The installation of meters is on track and 90,000 meters have already been installed. This means that Norway’s largest service-based IoT project is just over half way to completion and roll-out continues at a high pace. 20 of the 30 participating grid companies from all over Norway are already up and running.

Nettalliansen and Rejlers Embriq

Digitisation of the Norwegian power network

The introduction of smart meters is part of statutory digitisation and modernisation of the Norwegian power network and 2.8 million new meters have to be installed in Norway by 1 January 2019. The smart meters are an important step in the digitisation of the power network which is to provide more efficient grid operation and new future-proofed services for consumers as well as more precise and regular meter readings.

Extensive project

“Nettalliansen’s AMS project is a comprehensive project with the roll-out of meters, instrumentation of grid stations, establishment of a central IT solution and integration with Elhub for the 30 participating grid companies. This is a huge, national IoT project with many interfaces internally and externally and we are very happy that the project is on track and that we are moving at a good pace on further roll-out – currently with 13 grid companies,” says Director of Software Espen Kåsin from Rejlers Embriq.

Rejlers Embriq is a turnkey supplier on the project as well as the supplier of the Quant service platform for the collection of large volumes of data and operation of infrastructure which is a key part of the project. Rejlers Embriq will handle full-scale operation of the entire solution until 2024 with an option to extend for a further five years.

Service delivery is important

“Passing this milestone feels good and we are very happy that we are on track to complete installation of the meters by the middle of 2018 – and not least that we will manage this despite repeated delays on the part of Statnett in the completion and readying of Elhub,” says Torgeir Brovold, CEO of Nettalliansen AS.
This project is about solving the grid companies’ need for effective solutions for the introduction of AMS and Elhub and to put in place solid infrastructure for a more efficient operation of the grid companies. A service-based approach is an important part of our strategy for being able to deliver cost-effective and future-proof grid operation. This means that we are ensuring the grid companies the flexibility that we believe will be vital in the further development of the modern grid company,” says Brovold.

Visiting thousands of homes

The roll-out is a nation-wide project involving the participation of 30 grid companies. By the end of 2018, installers will have visited 180,000 Norwegian homes and companies in more than ten counties across Norway. The infrastructure that will be established will increase security through the monitoring of quality with each grid customer in addition to precise hour-by-hour meter readings.

“The new opportunities to ensure quality in the power supply combined with a more effective grid operation are vital to us. If, for example, problems arise with voltage quality or faults with a customer we will now receive automatic warnings and immediately be able to commence error correction,” explains Brovold.

About Nettalliansen

Nettalliansen AS is a skills and procurement partnership owned by small and medium-sized grid companies. Nettalliansen safeguards its owners’ interests through establishing competitive and attractive shared services that contribute to increasing the room for manoeuvre for each local grid company. Nettalliansen is experiencing rapid growth and currently has 49 owner companies who in total service more than 300,000 network customers. Nettalliansen’s mission is to ensure increased cost efficiency for its owners as well as economies of scale. Trade and innovation are particular focus areas. These are the owners’ most important tool in achieving increased competitiveness and development of new business areas as well as to utilise their skills through profitable pooling of owners’ resources.

About Rejlers Embriq

Rejlers Embriq forms part of the Rejlers group and is a business area employing 160 people with an annual turnover of almost NOK 400 million. Rejlers Embriq contributes value through its digitisation of physical infrastructure, smart choices and strategic use of IT. Rejlers Embriq designs, develops and manages IT solutions and focuses particularly on Scandinavia through its presence in Oslo, Halden, Drammen, Gothenburg, Stockholm and Motala. The Rejlers group is one of Scandinavia’s largest technology companies and has approximately 2,100 experts who work on projects in the fields of telecommunications, traffic, electricity and energy. The group is currently represented in more than 80 locations in Norway, Sweden and Finland. In 2015, Rejlers turned over SEK 1.9 billion and its B shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.