Lyse signs contract with Embriq for the supply of Quant for handling data from more than 140,000 smart meters

Embriq has signed a contract with Lyse for the supply of Quant. Quant will behandling data collection and data validation from all the smart meters that Lyse will be installing with its customers by 1 January 2019.

Embriq has signed a contract with Lyse for the supply of Quant.

The solution will handle data from smart meters belonging to 140,000 customers in the Lyse network area. Many customers have already had new meters installed, but a wide-ranging roll-out that was launched in 2016 will ensure that all customers will have a new meter in place by 1 January 2019. The centralised Quant system will receive a large amount of data from the automatic meters and validate these before the data are used for e.g. invoicing and efficient operation of the distribution network.

Flexible system – “the roll-out of the smart meters is a large project and represents a major investment for Lyse. The acquisition of the centralised Quant system is an important part of this,” explains Åshild Helland from Lyse Elnett.

“The new smart meters send metering information to Quant and bills will now always be a precise reflection of what the electricity costs when the customer uses it. We now also have a completely new tool for managing capacity and operation of the distribution network,” explains Helland.
She adds that future application areas can and will be many.

“That is precisely why it is important for us to choose a very advanced supplier and a tried and tested system that provides flexibility in the challenges we will be facing in the future. We believe that that is what Embriq and the Quant system offer,” concludes Helland.

Market leader – at Embriq we are very pleased and proud that Lyse is also now choosing the Quant system,” says Director of Software at Embriq Espen Kåsin.
“Quant has a large market share which has now been further consolidated with this contract, and we are looking forward to helping Lyse to generate business value from its investment in smart meters,” concludes Espen Kåsin.

About Lyse

Lyse is an energy, infrastructure and telecommunications company. Lyse is a national operator in the field of renewable energy, and the group is Norway’s fibre broadband market leader. The group has approx. 1,100 employees, an annual turnover of NOK 6,000 million and is owned by 16 municipalities in south Rogaland. Lyse Elnett, its subsidiary, operates the region’s 21,000-kilometre-long electricity network and is responsible for the installation of automatic electricity meters.

About Rejlers Embriq

Embriq designs, develops and manages IT solutions in the business areas of Consulting, Operations and Software. Embriq is an integrated, high-tech Norwegian company with 120 employees and an annual turnover of approx. NOK 230 million. Embriq helps generate business value for its customers through smart choices and strategic use of IT. Embriq supplies services to customers across Scandinavia and has offices in Oslo, Halden, Drammen and Gothenburg.