Embriq signs first Quant contract in Sweden!

Jämtkraft has signed a contract with Embriq for the supply of the Quant system covering 63,000 metering points based on a Värmek framework agreement. After the tender process, Embriq signed a framework agreement with Värmek in July 2015 for the delivery of a general metering value system for Värmek’s 144 member companies. The Quant contract is based on this framework agreement. Quant will handle data collection and data validation as well as operations from meters and communication from all Jämtkraft smart meters.

HAPPY: Anders Ericsson, CEO of Jämtkraft, (middle left) and Thomas Pettersen, CEO of Embriq (middle right), are very happy with the contract for the supply of the centralised Quant system.
The solution will handle efficient operation of all data from smart meters installed with more than 60,000 Jämtkraft customers.


Quant will provide Jämtkraft with a centralised solution for the future efficient operation of all smart meter processes as well as a solution that will utilise meter data for boosting business value and streamlining operation of the electricity network. Quant will use data from smart meters that have already been installed and thereby provide a significant value increase on existing investments.

“The contract shows the way to approach the continuously increasing digitisation of our infrastructure and consolidates Embriq’s role as an innovative company in partnership with Rejlers, the company’s new owner,” says CEO of Embriq Thomas Pettersen.

Future-proof solution

“Quant is a modern, cost-effective system for managing readings and all other information received from various metering points. This gives us efficient integration with surrounding IT systems and offers a way forward towards smart grids,” explains Erik Fröberg from Jämtkraft.

“The solution offers a high level of flexibility which means that we will be very well positioned within the foreseeable future. By using Quant and working with Embriq, we know that we will be able to develop and streamline our way of working and even create new opportunities for service partnerships with other operators,” concludes Fröberg.

Market leader

“At Embriq, we are very satisfied and proud of the fact that Jämtkraft has chosen Quant,” explains Jens Haug, product director at Embriq.

“Quant has a large market share in Norway and we are investing in Sweden and Finland in order to sell our streamlining IT solutions to the electricity industry. Quant is a key part of this. We are happy to be able to contribute to increased efficiency and business value in an industry that will see great structural changes in the coming years.”

About Jämtkraft

Jämtkraft Elnät AB builds, maintains and develops electricity networks and offers grid connection in Jämtland in Sweden. The company forms part of Jämtkraft AB which produces electricity from renewable energy sources such as hydro power, wind power and bio energy, provides district heating and sells electricity in the Nordic market.

About Embriq

Embriq designs, develops and manages IT solutions in the business areas of Consulting, Operations and Software. Embriq is an integrated, high-tech Norwegian company with 120 employees and an annual turnover of approx. NOK 230 million. Embriq helps generate business value for its customers through smart choices and strategic use of IT. Embriq supplies services to customers across Scandinavia and has offices in Oslo, Halden, Drammen and Gothenburg.

For more information, please contact: 

Embriq AS: Thomas Pettersen, CEO,  thomas.pettersen@embriq.no /+47 950 22 323

Jämtkraft: Erik Fröberg, department manager metering, erik.froberg@jamtkraft.se / +46 631 49372